Mogali Rekulu Episode 1357 (9th May 2013) Story

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Mogali Rekulu Episode 1357 – May 9th Story Update:
Mogali Rekulu Episode 1357 Part 1:

Durga, Eshwar and Swathi keep checking the recording of Mogali rekulu title song. Bunty garu finishes singing and congratulates and wishes them good luck and leaves.

Durga and Eshwar come home and say everything is ready to start. Paati says she spoke to the priest and he said Friday is good for muhurtam. Durga says he will inform everyone and everyone feel happy.

Pallavi calls Durga and Durga say he is excited about the muhurtam next day and that he memorized all his dialogues and says he is getting jitters and Sindhu is all the more excited. Pallavi assures him he would do well and feels sad that she is missing to share the excitement. Durga says this will be even after she comes and asks her not to miss the telecast. Pallavi says ok and hangs up.

Sindhu wakes up with a start with the thought that it’s the first day of the shoot and keeps praying to God. Keerthana comes and wishes her good luck.

Sindhu gets ready and calls Eshwar to ask if he got ready. Eshwar says he is about to start. Durga too gets ready and calls everyone. Everyone come out and they start to the venue.

Mogali Rekulu Episode 1357 Part 2:

Sindhu arranges the clap board with Meenakshi Creations banner name at the puja table in her home. Satya comes there asking if everything is ready. Sindhu says yes and that she is very excited. Mogali rekulu crew keeps making arrangements outside.

Mahi and Devi reach there followed by Anji, Kittu, Mohan and Ali and then Selva and family.

Everyone assembles in the hall and Sindhu calls RK to tell that puja is about to start. RK congratulates and wishes her good luck. Puja starts with jyothi prajwalana and Sindhu gives harathi to everyone and first Mahi and then everyone else break coconuts wishing for luck. Eshwar and Durga tease Sindhu for struggling to break the coconut.

Mogali Rekulu Episode 1357 Part 3:

Everyone congratulate Sindhu and wish her all luck. All of them come out for the shoot.

Durga introduces Selva to the crew and then Sindhu explain the scene to Durga and the actor who is playing Selva. They get ready for the first shot and Sindhu sits in front of the monitor and whole family standing behind her get ready to shoot the first scene.

Sindhu calls for a shot and the shot is taken on Durga as Dharma and the artist playing Selva’s character getting down from the car and walking forward holding each other. Everyone keeps looking excitedly and Selva seeing the shot recollects himself and Dharma being friendly like that. Paati, Satya get emotional and everyone else keep looking. Sindhu says a cut and the shot gets ok. Screen freezes on Sindhu and everyone else.

Coming up:
Eshwar and Durga checking the editing part with Editor Raam
RK making a phone call

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